About Me

Hi, I am Ms. E

I have been a Vegan/Plant-base Gluten-free mama for over 12 years and a Vegan for over 23 years. I love all things caring for my family and friends. I am passionate about studying, cooking, and exploring the powder of foods, herbs, and spices; along with their impact on our overall health both physically and mentally.

I believe in the wonderful powder of plant-base nutrition. It as helped me and my family live a health lifestyle for many years. I have seen it bring the dying back to life and I know it can help you too. I am here to help you regain your life with better quality with simple and easy plant-base living.

What Can You Learn from me about Healthy Nutrition?

Being healthy starts in the mind, not the body. Only when you are ready mentally to change your behavior with food that the physically, the body, will follow. So, when you are sick and tried of being sick and tried I will guide you toward...

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