How to Boost Your Gut Immune System Fast With Supplements

The Best Supplements to Improve Your Gut Health

Gut health is true health.  The life of the body is in your gut so, start with your gut by using Vitamin and Supplements.

If our gut is sick out the whole body will be sick. So, healing your gut is the first step.

My daughter has asthma. I have noticed that when she eats process foods, she as a different time with coughing and weeping.

So, I tried to limit process foods, give her a good PROBIOTIC daily I always see her health improve.

I also give her herbal teas, like Mullin, Plantain, and Elderberries, to help her with the weeping.

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What is Good Gut Health and Why is Gut Health Importand?

Gut health is good health, plain and simple. When our guts are working right our whole body feels alive and well.

According to medicalnewstoday good “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” WHO, 1948.

Good health is more mental than physical. Good health started and ends in our Guts. 

So, to obtain the physical we have to focus more on your mental health, than on the physical.

Health is not just about eating lots of vegetables and exercising six to seven times per week. But more about having to fix the inner gut.

Perfect health starts in your gut. If your gut is not healthy it does not matter what you eat. If your gut is not well, eating too many vegetables and beans, can make it worse.

I am a strong believer in fixing the root problem of our sickness first, before trying to fix one’s overall health.

Start from the ground up. Our gut is the foundation of our body. Fixing that first will fix almost every other aspect of our health

Where does Bad Health Start?

Bad health starts in our guts and this happens due to several reasons, not excluding bad eating habits, poor nutrition, and our emotional and mental state. Leaning to incorporate herbs and spices into our diets will help, but we also need to feed our minds with positive thoughts along with the right foods.

When I was a young girl, I would refuse to eat my vegetables. Maybe it was the look and feel of them on my plate, or maybe it was just the flavoring, I don’t know. Put I just did not want to eat vegetables.

Due to that, I grow up with the same bad habit of not liking vegetables. Herbs and spices like onions and garlic would turn me off from the food, so I would cry and not eat.

I can remember my father sitting down at the table with me and carefully going through my Sunday rice and beans searching for and picking out all the beans from my plate before I would even touch the rice.

How ironic that at the age of 24 until today, onions, garlic, and beans have become the stable of all my meals along with my husband and children. My children, even from my womb, have never tasted flesh. I learned and embrace a vegan lifestyle in my early 20s and I have never look back.

I am not sure what the future holds for my children where their diet is a concern, I can only hope that I have taught them well on how to care for their overall health and wellbeing and how to love and care for all creations animals and mankind.

So, if they drift from the path plant-based living and sickness overcomes them, they will always have the foundation and quickly come back to the river of health to heal their mind and body.


7 Best Supplemts to Overcome Bad Health

Using herbs and spices for one’s health comes in many different forms. The world we live in today is pack full of sickness, like diabatic, asthma, high blood pressure, just to name a few. So how do we use herbs and spices to come back some of these sicknesses?

First, we have to remember that all sickness stays in the gut and when our stomach is compromised the body forms inflammation to fight off these dis-easies. When the body’s immune systems are in any form of stress, fatigue, or have an infection it created Inflammation.

Inflammation is your body on fire and is crying to your immune systems to tell you to stop, drop, and roll.  So, when you are tried, fatigue, or have virtual or bacteria systems, your body is telling your immune systems to heal and repair any damaged tissue.

Below are some products I have personally used and recommend in helping to combat inflammation in my day to day life.

  1. B12 along with a good probiotic is one of the best things you can do for your overall health whether you are a meat-eater or not us Jarrow-Formulas-Methylcobalamin-Supports-Lozenges.
  2. Tumeric: this except supplement has elevated my husband’s and my back pain many times.Turmeric-Bioperine-Available-Standardized-Curcuminoids.  
  3. Odorless Garlic is good for the heart and lungs. NOW-Super-Odorless-Garlic-Capsules
  4. Quercetin and Bromelain are good to help balance the immune systems and fight off seasonal allergies. Quercetin-Bromelain-Now-Foods-VCaps
  5. Probiotic helps to increase the good bacteria in your stomach. Help to introduce billions of live beneficial bacteria to strengthen your GI tract. One of the adult Probiotic that I have used that is good for both men and women.
  6. Also, please don’t forget about your little ones. this Culturelle-Probiotic-Supplement-Pediatrician that I have given to my children on and off for years
  7. Psyllium is a quick and easy laxative when suffer from constipation or need an easy way to clean your gut. the powder or the pill is very effective.

Common Questions/FAQ About Using Sumpletments.

Question 1: Why is it important to take Supplements?

Why is it important to take some form of vitamins? There are many out there who will tell you that taking vitamins and supplements are just a waste of money, well, to that I will say, please do your research and take only natural clean vitamins and supplements. I have taken supplements when the need arises for them and with a very good result every time.

A good supplement regiment helps to restore bone health, heal wounds, and bolster our immune system. Vitamin, on the other hand, helps the body use food as energy, and repair cellular damage.

A supplement is just that, a way of supplementing your diet until you get your body back on track. Nothing replaces food, but sometimes our body needs the extra help to get out the door. Supplements in their whole food form are excellent in helping the body perform at its best.

Take turmeric for instance. Sure it’s good too but in your food, but when you are in pain and need relive quickly a Tumeric supplement works for me every time.

Question 2: What are the positive reasons for taking supplements?

I will cover these in detail later but for now here are some of the reasons supplements and vitamins are important.

Most people don’t get the recommended amount of important nutrients from their daily food.

As we age our body’s ability to absorb all the nutrients from our foods declines and other toxins in our environment also. lessen our body’s ability to hold on to minerals in our foods.

Increases Exercise leaves our body needing more nutrition and poor eating habits combine with our phobia of what is health, leaves us full but nutritionally starving.

Most time a simple bottle of  Vitamin- D Chewables and water can prevent many medical issues.


Question 3 Is it healthy to take Supplements longterm?

Short answer yes and no.

For more people, taking a dietary supplement may be beneficial due to the daily stress of work, kids, and commute Their long days and a short night.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Herbal or any other form of Supplements.

Supplements are just what they are, they are just supplements. Don’t rely solely on them to be your main source of nutrients.

I believe vitamins and herbals supplement have their place in our daily life. With all the sickness epidemic plaguing us today. Many may say, no, you can get all you need from just eating a balanced meal.

That may be true if we lived in a different time and age, but not today.

Eating a balanced meal, that gives our bodies nutrients is becoming more difficult due to soil depletion and other factors.

Talk to me, what are you looking for, how can I help you find it.

I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. However, I know what works for me and others in my life.

Talk to you below. what’s eating you?

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