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For almost 23 years I have been working on the health of my family, friends, and myself by studying and living the Vegan lifestyle.

In the beginning, way back in the late ninety, it was a rough road, but with today’s innovation being Vegan or Plant-Base has never been easier. And, so I would like to hold your  hand  and walk with you down your road to health, wellness and long life.

Nothing Beats Experience.

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Enlightenment is not just ones state of mind

Being healthy is not just about what’s on our plates. 

What and how we think about our food will determine our quality and quantity of life.  

Also, our mental health is just as, if not more important to our overall health than food and excerise. 

Because most times

It’s not what you are eating that killing you,–it’s what’s eating you. 

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