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Ms. E

For almost 23 years I have been working on the health of my family, friends, and myself by studying and living the Vegan lifestyle.

In the beginning, way back in the late ninety, it was a rough road, but with today’s innovation being Vegan or Plant-Base has never been easier. And, so I would like to hold your  hand  and walk with you down your road to health, wellness and long life.

Nothing Beats Experience.

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Enlightenment is not just ones state of mind

Being healthy is not just about what’s on our plates. 

What and how we think about our food will determine our quality and quantity of life.  

Also, our mental health is just as, if not more important to our overall health than food and excerise. 

Because most times

It’s not what you are eating that killing you,–it’s what’s eating you. 

Customers reviews

Good morning beautiful peoples Elissa has been an amazing asset on my health journey as I was battling with what the doctors see as stage four breast and lung cancer.
I had 6 months of chemo and the doctor wanted to do surgery and run more tests to do more treatment. But I refused it all. I called Ms. E and told her I was trying to start a new health journey. I started by removing meat and anything that was not helping my body.
Elissa gave me many ideas on how to begin, along with assuring me to start slow. She told me that charcoal was very helpful in helping to detox the body, as well as what symptoms I may experience during the detoxing period.
She has not only helped me on my weight loss journey, but also my blood pressure, that I was struggling with for over a year, is now in the normal ranges. I am glad to say, I have not looked back to eating meat or putting anything toxic into my body.
The so-called tumors are gone, and my body feels amazing. I have reached my goal of losing 45 pounds and am now working on maintaining it. I can now walk 5 days a week without any aches and pains.
Thank you, Elissa, you are like my private doctor, without prescribing medication.
I pray she will help you and many others as she continues to share as God gives her wisdom and knowledge to do so. However, we need to do our part, because faith without works is dead.
May God continue to give her His wisdom.
Collett Chamber
I have some challenges with my eyes, and I reached out to my friend for help. She recommended the Eyebright Herb (powder) for an eye wash. I used it for 3 consecutive months and noticed an improvement with my vision! Thanks E!
Jaci Codling

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